Friday, 06 November 2009 01:34

Architecture Collection – 2009

It is finally done. I have completed my Associate, which has been successful, and I can finally share the fruit of more than 6 months’ worth of work to produce this architecture collection. I must say that I am very happy with the results, and the feedback has been fantastic until now, so thanks to everyone who has been of support throughout.

As a thank you thought, I am putting up the prints which have been used for the panel up for sale as artist’s proofs at a very reduced price of €50, which is practically at cost. These prints have been produced by myself on high-gloss photographic paper with archival quality inkjet technology, which should last over 100 years in the right conditions. The prints will be sold “as-is”, and might include some signs of handling. If you would like a newly produced print either on photographic paper or on high quality art paper, they are also available in editions of 10 prints at €120.

Something about this collection. The images in this collection have been selected from work which spans the last three years. I have chosen these works because they offer a different glimpse into what are mostly commonly known places around the world. When I shoot architecture, I find it crucial to be able to look beyond the building itself, and understand the thoughts of its creator. Mostly, the interest is in the details, or in specific angles which create that sense of grandeur most famous buildings tend to portray. I look for sense of scale, detail and design. Most of the times, I do not have the opportunity to visit a place twice, so I have to make do with the light that is available. This obviously does condition strongly the final image.

I hope you enjoy this collection. As always, feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated.