Thursday, 16 April 2009 11:13

The Power of a Fresh Mind

The Power of a Fresh Mind I take many photos. A good number of them will never see the light of day, however I discard very few photos outright, for a very simple reason. Every photograph I take is associated with a memory, an emotion. When I look at my work, it evokes the memory or emotion associated with that shot, and that is similarly what I look to achieve in those who look at my work. Being the person who lived that emotion in the first place, however, puts me in an awkward situation, since it is difficult to judge the strength of an image in its own right when the emotion or memory is fresh in mind. I very often tend to look at my work at a distance of weeks, months or even years. I tend to go through them various times at different time lapses, and it surprises me how every time I seem to find something I had previously overlooked. The images I pick tend to vary according to the mood I am in at the moment, or the final objective I have in mind at the time. I was recently going through the images I had taken of Rome (still my absolute favourite place – more about it soon), and I came across an image which reminded me of Leonardo Da Vinci’s codex on the flight of birds. The codex is a brilliant piece of work, a treasure to humanity and the work of an undeniable genius of his time. This photo is but a humble tribute to the man who changed art and science forever.