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Portrait by Antoine Giacomoni

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now. Last year I had the honour of being photographed by Corsican photographer Antoine Giacomoni. Giacomoni has been photographing rock stars for the past few decades (although being photographed by Antoine does not in any way imply that I am one). He still photographs with film, and the process is actually so fascinating that when given the opportunity I immediately wanted to experience it.

Giacomoni uses a square make-up style mirror, encircled with old-fashioned light bulbs. He photographs his subjects through the mirror, dressed in black to disappear into the darkness lest he is of distraction. “Relax, look straight into the mirror and think of something nice” he says before removing the Jablo block covering the mirror. He does wait a few seconds before revealing what’s beneath the cover – enough time to build a certain anticipation, curiosity even.

When looking into a mirror, we rarely ever do it consciously – we’re busy with other things and the mirror is just a tool of convenience. Remove that convenience, and the image that we see in front of us is that of vulnerability. “Look straight into your eyes”, he says. And I’m sitting there, looking deep into myself, trying to understand who I am, what has led me to this specific moment in my life. I can barely stand it – I’m anxious, but after a while I start getting familiar with the person on the other side, and relax. It takes but a few minutes and maybe four or five snaps – that clunky mechanical sound modern-day has forgotten. Then it’s over. I’m back, and life goes on. But that was deep – uncomfortably so. I loved it.

It took a few months – I had almost given up ever seeing the result. We’re used to seeing the result instances after the act, today. It makes us impatient. Then one day it arrived. I love it.

Portrait by Antoine Giacomoni

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