The Passion of Tango

This project was very much at heart to me, since it was one which gave me the incentive and opportunity to push the boundaries and experiment beyond the realms of “straight photography”. With projects such as these, it is very easy to fall into cliches and create mediocre work, and I was very much conscious of this. With photography, this is even more valid, due to the obvious restrictions and the practical aspect.

My intention from the onset was to create a sense of movement and energy. The concept eventually evolved throughout the various sessions, however in its essence, it remained the same. The four images which I exhibited represent in a way the evolution in time, moving from a more physical presence to something which is more abstract. At the editing stage, I wanted to add a classic, painterly look to the images, in order to create a contrast between the energy and movement, and the sensuality of Tango.



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