Self Portrait as New Guy (2017)

Born in 1978, in the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta, Sergio Muscat was exposed to both art and science since childhood – within a family of doctors, teachers, photographers and musicians. Originally focussing on computer science, he re-discovered photography in his twenties, at the peak of the digital revolution, eventually furthering his studies in digital art. He applied his knowledge of technology and started pushing the boundaries of traditional photography using the photograph as a base layer – an inspirational starting point that has no limit in its potential. Working mostly within the digital photographic medium, he creates artwork that is instinctive, sensitive and contemplative, focusing on personal and collective realities that are continuously changing through personal experience, the evolution of nature and the intervention of mankind.

He is constantly in search for that core element of being that ties everything together. The greatest curiosity afflicting him is about the self – who are we? where and how do we fit in with everything else? And after all, what is everything else? Through his work, he has always tried to seek something that is beyond the physical – a search for the true self, the core being, the soul.

He uses abstraction to tap into the highly subjective perception of reality, influenced by individual experiences shared by no-one else – the amalgamation of sensory perception and ever-changing emotional baggage. Sergio’s work sits in between his reality and that of each other individual, enabling him not merely to portray his personal reality, but also those viewing his work to engage with it, triggering subconscious and latent emotions that manifest in their instinctive associations and final interpretation of the work.

His work has garnered various awards, has been exhibited locally and overseas, and is found in private collections across Europe and the US.

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