Memoirs (2019- )

The Memoirs series explores the artist’s life path, taking both a retrospective and introspective look at past and present. The work focuses on where the artist finds himself now and how he got here. The expressionistic and ever more abstract, subject-less works reflect the artist’s view that photographs and the reality they are tied to are nothing more than tools for inner expression.

The original works are created by combining several images in layers, concealing and reveling parts of each image through a painting process, effectively using the photographs themselves as digital paint.

It is possible to see some videos showing the process in the Digital Media Gallery, and digital versions of the works that can be acquired at Sedition Art Gallery.

Art is therapy, or so is the intention. Throughout my journey as an artist, my main aim has always been to dig as deeply as possible into my self – my being – and transpose this into the physical world in the purest possible fashion. I have strived to push the boundaries and challenge the preconceptions of what photography is, or should be, up to the point where all the lines are blurred and the medium becomes irrelevant.

As my journey took me deeper into my core, I have learnt to gradually reduce the involvement of conscious thinking, both at the photographic capture stage and at the editing stage where the final works are constructed. I move with the current, ebbing and flowing through my image collection, picking images that attract me at that instant in time, trying not to think about why. I place the images, layer over layer over layer, manipulating, distorting, erasing, until all that remains is but a memory of the original – the subconscious feeling of that image, which when combined with the others creates what I would hope is a snapshot of my yet undiscovered self at that moment in time.