7,000,000,000:1 (2007-)

Globalisation: As with many things in the world, this coin has two faces. The advancement in communication over the past decades has made the entire world a village. Today we communicate continuously, whether by mobile phone, social networks or any other instant means. We are always online, always available. And yet, we are ever more alone. Means of communication are cold, impersonal and distant. They allow us to hide behind a keyboard, a device, and pretend. It is comfortable, and we have become ever more dependent on this shield, to such an extent that personal, physical contact seems to be on the verge of extinction. It seems as though we are becoming ever more scared of the vulnerability which physical contact brings – what if they find out who I really am?

We are alone, and we kind of like it that way. The world passes by and as we take refuge behind our shield, we ignore what is happening around us. In a world full of people, we are ever more isolated. These images are part of 7,000,000,000:1, an ongoing project observing society within this context. Using the strong ties of photography to reality, I look for surreal moments of contrast, depicting this isolation, or on the other hand the intense physical connection experienced by those who refuse to become just another one of seven billion.